Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Want Quality RiverYak Posts To Read?

My birthday and Christmas are both coming up. I'm getting old as crap, so I figure I need to start seriously documenting my life before its over. I have come up with a solution to make this blog worth reading again while at the same time relieving my aging memory the burden of storing the events of this fleeing life.

A new camera!

With this camera, you will have wonderful things to read and see on the blog and I won't have to worry about forgetting all the awesome things that happen to me everyday. I could just take a picture!

Remember - Birthday and Christmas, right around the corner. Can your conscience assume the shame it will undoubtedly endure if I don't get this?

Here's a big hint on how to get this for me...split the cost among yourselves. I'll love you all, but I will personally make you my best friend since you thought of it. But it's a secret, so don't tell anybody else.

Fair winds and following seas...